The Historic Cothern House Cabin and Cottage
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A Short History of The Cothren House Estate


Judge Montgomery Cothren came to Mineral Point from Brooklyn New York in 1839, educating himself in the rule of law. He was admitted to the bar in 1843 and served as a delegate to the Lower House of the Territorial Legislature in 1847-1848. He became a member of the State Senate and in 1852 was elected Judge of the Fifth Judicial Court, an office held for 12 years. The family estate was built in 1853 and was the site of many happy occasions. Though the Estate fell on hard times during the depression, it has since been lovingly restored. The blown glass windowpanes in the main residence are original and feature the Cothren family names etched into the glass, which was common at the time. Should it interest you, we can indulge you in many other fun historical facts, but we encourage you to come, be our guests and become a part of the history of The Cothren Estate.

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The Cothren House
320 Tower Street
Mineral Point, Wisconsin 53565
(608) 987-1522

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